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REV NIGEL FORD & VAL FORD - Telephone 01202 684161

I (Nigel) was Inducted as Minister of Canford Heath Baptist Church in November 2014.    My Christian journey began over 40 years ago at a Don Summers rally in Reading.   I made a commitment that night, and was baptised soon afterwards.   My early adult years were turbulent and I fell away from faith for a while.   I spent a year at Birmingham Medical School, before deciding that becoming a doctor was not for me.  Looking back I can see that God was beginning a call to pastoral ministry even then.   I met Val in 1980, and we moved to Bournemouth soon afterwards.   We both became very involved in the life of Lansdowne Baptist Church where I led the music and outreach ministry for many years.  It was during this time that God clarified my sense of call, and in 1992 I started training for ministry at Spurgeon’s College in London while working as a Music Director for a lively Anglican church in West Croydon.  Pastorates in Stafford, Cirencester and Sudbury (Suffolk) followed, before a joyful return to Dorset and the ministry at Canford Heath. Although I enjoy leading worship from the keyboard, I am a pastor/teacher at heart and know that this is the primary ministry to which God has called me.


I (Val) became a Christian while at school.  A missionary from Africa had come to share her testimony with the class.   Towards the end of her talk she asked us if anyone wanted to give their life to Jesus.  I went forward.  The following lesson was Geography, so my first witness was to the teacher when I had to explain why I was late for class!    I have worked in a ministry partnership with Nigel for over 30 years now. I appreciate getting alongside women on a one-to-one basis.   I have also led retreat days and conferences for women, including events at the Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing in Gloucestershire.   While in Sudbury, I joined a church mission team to Soweto, South Africa.   I was amazed to find myself in a classroom sharing my testimony with a group of African children, and realised that God had brought me full-circle from my own testimony 50 years earlier.  Over the past few years I have been training to become a Nationally Recognised Lay Pastor of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.   I have undertaken this training to be better equipped for the work that God has opened for me.  It was a great joy to be inducted as Associate Minister of Canford Heath Baptist Church in November 2015, and my Recognition took place at the Baptist Assembly in 2016. 


Bryan Shaw - Elder and Church Secretary

Picture of Bryan Shaw

I am married to Iris and we have two children, Joanna (Jo) and Andrew. Jo is married to Nick and they have three daughters, Hannah(7/11/07) , Emilia(3/11/09) and Laurena(2/10/12) and a son Tobias(19/4/15). Jo is a pharmacist and Nick a building services engineer. They live in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Andrew is married to Susie and they have two daughters, Eliana(1/11/14) and Naomi (2/7/17). Andrew is a software engineer and Susie is a mental health counsellor. They live in Farncombe, Surrey.



Dave Hunt - Elder

Picture of Dave Hunt

I became a Christian at a week long Methodist House Party in Torquay when I was fourteen. It was during one evening through the witness and testimonies of other Christians there that I realised that they had something in their lives that I did not have and thanks to them that evening I prayed and gave my life to the Lord.
My role at Church is that of 'Welcome' which is to head up a team that ensures everyone especially newcomers are greeted, made to feel really welcome and introduced to the life and various activities within the Church


Neil McKay - Elder


Born & bred in Poole, God was gracious to bring me up in a Christian family & I gave my life to the Lord at early age. I attended Poole Evangelical Church where I was part of the Covenanter group there for all my youth & I was baptised there in 1974.

I was very involved with the Hants  & Dorset Christian youth camps where I went as a camper & the later ran the sailing there for several years.

Following the completion of my degree course in Building Construction Management at Brighton  I went off travelling! I spent a year skippering a yacht in USA and the Caribbean & sailed it back to Poole. I then went off travelling for 2 more years to India, Nepal, the Far East & Australia before returning to UK to become a responsible adult!

It would be true to say that although the Lord sustained me through all my travelling it is difficult to live the Christian life outside of Christian community.

It was on my return & during my time at Lansdowne Baptist church that I recommitted my life to the Lord. I was involved leading in Exploring Christianity Groups (fore runner of Alpha), Nurture Groups and foreign student work.

We moved to Longfleet Baptist Church in 1993 as we felt the Lord was calling us to a local church I was a Deacon for 6 years there and also led the Sunday youth group and alpha groups in our home.

I have been attending CHBC for 10 years along with Ruth & our daughters Verity & Rhiannon.

I help run a house group , attend the Monday Prayer meetings, the men's fellowship group and on the rota to lead worship .


Louise Rumney -Elder

I became a Christian at the age of 21 when I realised Jesus was more than a historical figure and a good teacher but the son of God alive and working in and through us by his Holy Spirit.

As an elder I am part of leadership team and also involved with the youth work. I am currently the safe guarding trustee. I also enjoy being part of the worship team and attend a home group.

CHBC has been my spiritual home since 2003 and I attend with my husband Martin. We have 2 adult children Ben and Abi.

I very much believe that as Christians we are the hands and feet of Christ and as a church we should look to live out the gospel in our community.

Currently I am employed as a nurse practitioner but at the weekends I enjoy a good ramble through the Dorset countryside and have been known to take to the waters in a kayak!


Simon Dawson - Deacon and Treasurer

I became a Christian when a friend invited me to attend Landsdowne Baptist Church in Bournemouth in the 1980’s. Now at Canford Heath Baptist church I have taken on the role of treasurer and I support the Monday night prayer meetings

I couldn’t possibly do what I do if it wasn’t for the help and support of others in the finance team who looks after such things as Gift Aid and those who count and bank the offering on behalf of the church



Gregory Padmore - Deacon



I was born on the Caribbean Island of Barbados but have lived in the U.K for many years, the past thirty five years on Canford Heath. I am married to Flo for thirty three years and have five grandchildren from our two children,the late Philip and Chantelle.

I was brought up in a Christian home with loving caring parents and spent my early years following their religion, but this was very unoriented and I did not think I was having a relationship with God.                                                                                 

During my years in the U K I went away from Christianity completely, especially during my college years, but I still had a yearning to give my life to God but did nothing about it for many years although Flo was regularly worshiping at church for many years.

It was a family tragedy when the Canford Heath Baptist Church family entered my life with much love and support. During a support prayer session I had this amazing feeling that I did not fully understand. It was then explained that this was the Holy Spirit. I knew then it was God's calling and immediately started to attend at the Church. I was warmly welcomed and am now very involved with church life.