Canford Heath Baptist Church

Love in the community

Prayer Meetings

Regular prayer meetings are held on Monday evenings which is an important and vital part of the church life and the "engine room" of the work of CHBC.  There are always a good number around 12-15, of various folk attending and the evening begins with praise and worship, which we see as an integral part of prayer.

Different people lead the evening as there is no particular structure, but the informality creates an exciting and powerful time always open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Through prayer, fun, laughter, sadness and joy, friendships have been deepened as we seek God's will in the life of CHBC.   We also aim to pray for one another on our "frontlines" those places where we encounter and interact with those who are not yet Christian.

If you would like to join our weekly prayer meeting please check this weeks News Sheet for the venue details.  The News Sheet can be found in the Downloads section of our website.

Each Sunday, there will be a "Prayer Request Box" at the back of the church along with slips for you to write your prayer requests. This is for anyone attending our service to put a prayer request in the Box which will be collected for use at the Monday Evening Prayer Meetings. All prayer requests will be treated with the upmost sensitivity and confidentiality within the Prayer Group.