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     Life in Christ - a study of Ephesians - God's Masterpiece
    Ephesians 2:1-10 Nigel looks at God's mercy and grace in our everyday lives.
     Life in Christ: Paul's Prayer
    Ephesians ch 1 vv 15-23 Nigel looks at Pauls' prayer for the Ephesians and its relevance to us today. We have attached Pastor Nigel's PowerPoint slides.
     Life in Christ - a study of Ephesians
    Apologies for the buzzing sound for the first 2 minutes - this disappears after the first 2 minutes 2 seconds Nigel begins our journey through the book of Ephesians. The reading this week is taken from Ephesians Ch 1 v 1-14
     Life in Christ - a study in Ephesians
    Nigel starts the first in a series of sermons on Paul's book of Ephesians. The reading today was Ephesians Ch 1 v 1-2 and Ephesians Ch 6 v 21-24.
     Paul's 5 a day for a healthy church
    1 Corinthians ch 16 vv 5-18 Nigel looks at what Paul says we ned to do to be a healthy church...…….
     'Christ in you the hope of glory'
    Today's reading is from John Ch 14 v 1-27
     The Birth of Jesus Foretold
    Luke ch1 vv26-38 In the second week of advent, Nigel helps us to consider Mary, the mother of Jesus.
     Waiting, watching, working
    Matthew ch 24 verse 37-44 As we enter the season of advent, Nigel considers what type of waiting we should practice.


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